Culture Weeks - The Middle East
November 5 - 26, 2006 in Kiel

Exhibition "piece of art - peace of art" with artists from Egypt, Israel, Palestine and Germany
Events in co-operation with bodies responsible for culture, religion and politics

peace of art

Symposium 2006

Exhibition Series

Culture Weeks - Middle East

Kunsthaus am Schüberg

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Dialogue Reconciliation Encounter Exchange Peace Understanding

Please contact under 0049 431 90 66 133 or


peace of art

describes itself as a group of committed people from the fields of art, religion and politics whose intention it two-fold: to promote a dialogue between those who create culture through intercultural exchange and to seek understanding of political and religious questions. We aim to archieve a high quality of engagement with art in a non-judgemental and unbiased encounter, in contrast to the way art is frequently being misused in the worlds of religion and politics. With peace of art we are trying to pave the way for a space that offers a positive and humane approach through the medium of working and creating ‘pieces of art’. The goal is to initiate and encourage interpersonal dialogues which facilitate insights into the cultural, religious and political interconnectedness of the participants‘ contemporary lives, beyond prejudices and representations of the media.

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Exhibition Series piece of art - peace of art

Exhibition Series piece of art - peace of art The results of the symposium will be presented during the political-religious Culture Weeks in different exhibition spaces (galleries, churches and art rooms) which are planned for November 2006.
These exhibitions will be supplemented with selected pieces of art work produced by invited artists. A catalogue will include the exhibiting artists‘ pieces of work and also a documentation of the symposium.

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The KunstHaus am Schüberg in Ammersbek, Germany

The Ecumenical Training and Conference Centre of the Stormarn Church Circle is set in the nature reserve of Ammersbek situated on the outskirts of Hamburg (Northern Germany) The changing gallery exhibitions in the glassed-in cloisters and the sculpture park, which is open all year round, display a cross-section of contemporary art. Landscape and objects merge to form a dynamically changing space for exhibiting art.

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Heinrich-Böll Foundation Schleswig-Holstein
c/o Mr. Heino Schomaker,
Medusastr. 16,
24143 Kiel, Germany
Tel +431/ 9066 131, Fax 9066 134

Ansgar Kirchengemeinde Kiel (Ansgar Parish, Kiel)
c/o Mr. Joachim Liss-Walter,
Beselerallee 34,
24118 Kiel, Germany
Tel: +431 / 843 44

Stormarn Church Circle
Rockenhof 1, 22359 Hamburg
Tel. +40 / 6031430

KunstHaus am Schüberg
c/o Mr. Axel Richter,
Wulfsdorfer Weg 29-33,
22949 Ammersbek, Germany
Tel: +40 / 60 55 422

Artistic direction and exhibition organization
Ms. Anke Müffelmann,
Clausewitzstr. 9,
24105 Kiel, Germany
Tel: +431 / 806 53 93; Fax: 803 832
Mr. Ulrich Horstmann, Galerie Umtrieb,
Lutherstr. 26,
24106 Kiel, Germany

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Schleswig-Holstein,
Anja Schmitt,
Medusastr. 16, 24143 Kiel
Telefon 0431/ 9066 133, Fax 9066 134


Application form / Downloads:

Flyer (pdf)
Catalogue (pdf)

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Symposium piece of art - peace of art with artists from Egypt, Israel, Palestine and Germany, April 24 – May 5, 2006, Kunsthaus am Schüberg in Ammersbek near Hamburg, Germany.

The starting point of this project was a two-week symposium taking place in Ammersbek near Hamburg. Fourteen artists from Egypt, Israel, Palestine and Germany were meeting in a symposium April 24 to May 5, 2006.
The artists took part in a ‚work retreat‘ for two weeks in the KunstHaus am Schüberg to put to the test an approach in human and artistic encounter.
The symposium serves as a place for joint communication and individual artistic and creative expression.

Presentation of the pieces of work arised from the symposium during the Culture Weeks - The Middle East, November 5 - 26, 2006 in Kiel

A short impression of the pieces of work ariesed from the symposium and older works of the artists you can download here:

Catalogue (pdf)

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Culture Weeks - The Middle East
November 5 - 26, 2006 in Kiel

The intention of the Culture Weeks - The Middle East is to represent and interpret aspects of the conflicts in the Middle East and the interplay of their religious, cultural and political dimensions in different ways.

List of events (pdf file)

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Under the auspices of

Maria Jepsen, Bishop of North Elbian Church Cooperation
Prof. Jan Koblasa, sculptor from Hamburg
Angelika Volquartz, Lord Mayoress of Kiel
Kerstin Müller, retired minister of state, Berlin
Angelika Volquartz, Oberbürgermeisterin, Kiel

Supporting bodies

Heinrich Böll Foundation, Schleswig-Holstein
Department for Culture and Art, City of Kiel
Kiel Church Circle, represented by Ansgar Perish Kiel

The pieces of work of the exhibition "piece of art - peace of art" arised within the syposium "piece of art - peace of art" in co-operation with Stormarn Church Circle at the "KunstHaus am Schüberg" in Ammersbek

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Contibution of the pogramm of the
Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures


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